Solutions & Samples

the problem was… my solution was…
Organizations wanted to implement the national retail services initiative competency for hiring model… …develop the national retail services initiative competency model implementation toolkit (and complete white paper).
Instructional designers and faculty developers need to design authentic assessments… …offer an online, blended 4-week course “instructional design for competency-based learning” – with weekly interactive webinars combined with facilitated, focused online discussions, and self-paced content and assignments.
Manufacturing company is expanding and needs to create a learning & development (l&d) organization… create role descriptions, job aids focused on professional development and a career planning presentation to help visualize the process.
Develop an insurance learning team to understand what competency-based design is about… …develop a workshop for learning professionals “transition to competency-based instruction you are already there!”.
Institutions did not see strategic impact upon entire organization when adding competency-based programs and credentials to their offerings… …design an interactive cbe process map that outlines the various stages and internal groups impacted.
New managers were leaving a clinical organization at a high rate…. …develop a leadership success plan – curriculum map year 1 that focused on increasing retention of first time leaders.
New health care training team wants to focus on impacting the business… …develop a strategy on a page (soap)to help them vision and share their story.
Business and training teams need focus and upskilling… …offer workshops on instructional design, facilitations skills, learning space design, and blended learning.