Let me help translate your learning into business metrics and create KCTCS Process Mapping Oct 2013solutions that support your employee’s performance improvement.  I can:

  •  Provide a strategic vision for learning and leadership development that is tied to business goals and increasing talent capabilities;
  • Identify cost and time effective learning methodologies using appropriate delivery systems to aid onboarding and professional development skills (personal learning paths, gamification, expert communities, cohort learning, etc.);
  • Provide expertise on techniques to aid leaders and learners at the point of need, having the right tools, information, and capabilities to implement solutions in a timely manner;
  • Provide full range solutions for identifying learning options/curriculum/programs to meet employee and organizational needs especially focused on competency-based designs;
  • Identify and develop effective forecasting of organizational, as well as project-related learning requirements;
  • Provide strategic planning resulting in a skilled, sustainable workforce.

D11136887_598I have extensive experience working with vendors, remote teams, and internal business partners to create relationships focused on growing the business and delivering strategic solutions.  

I am a published speaker and writer on the application of learning strategies, technology, tools, and measurement strategies and welcome the opportunity to speak with your team!