Resources & Alliances

The best part of doing this type of work is the chance to learn 130405-epc-blog-post-note-quote-leondardo-learningsomething new with each person I meet and every project I  work on.

I actively share on Twitter (@WmJRyan) as well as LinkedIn, recent blog posts are yours to peruse too.

I curate daily newspapers including the Competency-based Education Daily highlighting how organizations and educational institutions are using CBE,  the Performance Learning Daily is focused on living, learning, and succeeding in  our mobile world, and the Resilience & Mindset Daily examines how the strength of resilience brings energy to teams and individuals who can move their mindset towards the positive demonstrate leadership values.

I am partnered with Platinum Performance Partners  working with clients to achieve their desired results and goals through the art and science of  Human Performance Improvement HPI.  This team, led by Dennis Mankin, HPI Modeldeveloped the ATD HPI model and offers workshops and professional development to improve the performance of your team and organization.  I offer you additional resources with years of industry experience focused on your success.

I have partnered with the ESE team as a Principal Consultant working together with institutions and industry members searching for ways to enhance their operation, improve their service model and offer a world-class experience to their students ESEand employees.  While evaluating the systems and processes that are a part of the process I am  involved in direct consulting support in marketing, enrollment management, academic product, operations, instructional design and prior learning assessment as well.