Instructional Design for Competency-Based Learning course

Let your inner instructional designer create instructionally sound, competency-based assessments with this four-week, interactive online course.   

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Practical skills for practical lives: Competency-Based Education (CBE) uses authentic isd_cbe-outline-snipassessments, and individualized goals to target both traditional and non-traditional students, ensuring that they achieve success in the fields of their choice by meeting requisite national, business, or industry competency standards.

Education that counts: CBE helps students employ what they’ve learned in their future jobs and day-to-day lives.

But no matter your experience with CBE, designing a course using CBE principles is often tricky to tackle.

Instructional Design for Competency-Based Learning will explore various authentic assessment strategies and teach you how to design and create your own— so you’ll know exactly how your students are doing at all times. You’ll learn why CBE is so successful with a wide range of different students.

Facilitated by Dr. William J. Ryan, this blended online course is for developers, instructors, and designers of content.

isd_cbe-video-snipWeekly live web conferences are combined with online videos, presentations, and assessments to help you apply the course content to your own projects.

The course first builds your foundation in sound instructional design strategies, following up with a thorough exploration of CBE learning techniques.

Small cohorts provide for individualized attention to your needs as well as ample opportunities to share experiences with other instructors and designers.

Each participant will receive a free 30-minute, personalized 1:1 session with Dr. Ryan to jumpstart his or her own design process!

Contact Dr. Ryan for pricing and schedule information at Discounts available for educational institutions and non-profits.

The way we learn and teach is changing. Are you ready?